"The mouse"

"The mouse" is an indoor kit designed by Stephan Dolch, the designer of the Stubenfliege. Also made mainly with carbon rods, it is very light and robust and allows you to made acrobatic flights in a tiny space. An experienced pilot could fly it in a volume of 5 meters by 5 meters and only 2.5 meters high, including looping! It is sold by Braun Modelltechnik.

Technical data

The data presented here are those of my own model built from the original Braun Modelltechnik kit. The motor and the batteries used have been changed to gain weight and the landing gear (see drawing) and the fixed fin have been made removable to make easier transportation.
I have also tried different motors. With the 1717, you fly at 1/3 throttle. With a MK416 (Wes 26x12 prop, 1/6 gearbox, 3 Tadiran cells), you will fly between 2/3 and full throttle. Still with a MK416 in same conditions but with a Braun propeller, you fly at half throttle.
If you are looking for acrobatic flights in tiny spaces without crashes, "The mouse" is exactly what you need!

Special "Mouse" charger.


The Mouse

Designed by:

Stephan Dolch


Flying disk

Diameter (mm):


Length (mm):


Wing area (dm2):


Mass (g):


Wing load (g/dm2):







Wes 26x12


Hitec HS50

Speed controller:



3 Tadiran de 430 mAh

Kit price:

75 DM

Removable landing gear and motor.
Motor assembly is identical to XXS Hi-tech assembly, landing gear assembly identical to Lucy in the sky.

Removable fin.
The fin is slipped between the two servos and vertically locked by a 1 mm carbon rod.

For decorating his Mouse, Gérard Jumelin took inspiration from "The Disque", a painting from Delaunay. Robert Delaunay (1885-1941) is a French artist, pioneer in cubism and abstract art to serve great human and social causes. He decorated the "Pavillon de l'air" (aircraft hall wing) at the 1937 international exhibition in Paris.

With a touch of refinement, but not surprising from Gerard, the gravity center is precisely located where you can see the symbol normally used on our model plans to indicate the balancing of a model (175 mm)!

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