Wissous 2001

or the third millenium's take-off...

As the annual indoor meeting of our club in Wissous is traditionally held the first Sunday of each year, the first indoor meeting of the third millennium took place in Wissous on January, 7th, 2001.
Remember, the meeting was cancelled last year due to the storm which hit France on Christmas 99. The third millennium starts much better than the second one finished ! Up to you to decide ...

For the first time, this meeting was dedicated ( in principle ! ) to less than 300 grams ( 10 Oz ) models only.

The idea was ( and still is ) to gather free-fly guys ( genuine precursors of indoor ) and indoor R/C fans in the same room. Not very much compatible with the Depron monsters and foamies or park fliers which have a tendency to invade our gymnasiums these days...

A limitation such as the one adopted by our UK friends "Aeronutz" ( scale models only and less than 80 grams ) would have prevent us from seeing Pascal's and Didier's beautiful scale models ( see below ) or discovering new deliriums from Gerard ( or the likes of him ), but we have to do something as I cannot imagine the day when the 400 hours of work on Didier's SOPWITH ( as an example ! ) will end in smoke under the assaults of a Speed 400 flying into a rage. What do you think ?


Let's get back to the meeting. Around fifty pilots, with a dozen coming from the country, flew non-stop from 9h to18h. All the regular ones were there, including the famous "French Twisteuse team" in full force. About 70 models, including several helicos and few UFO as bizarre as strange were presented and the audience, around one hundred people, was able to discover the various aspects of the subject.

The scale models' corner.

Pascal Bourguignon, still fond of beautiful planes, presented a FOKKER SPIN and Didier Galimand, keen supporter on the SOPWITH, disclosed the triplane version.

Congratulations to these two gentlemen !

Unfortunately we did not see these two models flying, as they were not fully completed.

Believe it or not, days after new millenium's Eve are sometimes difficult...

On the right, the SOPWITH triplane by Didier Galimand as presented in Wissous and on the left, as it was presented in Cormeilles two weeks later (where Didier got the first place at the scale model competition).

Didier already did the same trick two years ago with his biplane.
Next time Didier, you must try to complete your model for Wissous!

Last but not least.

If you had hung about the back of the gymnasium, you could have found out that the "French twisteuse team" is brewing something for Sinsheim, but I will say nothing more...

However, Gerard Jumelin, as creative as usual, presented the last creation of his period of animals. After "Relief de poisson plat que rien n'arrête" ( what a name for a fish ! ) , here is "Volage", beautiful R/C bird, 107 grams with its feathers!

See you next year !

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