Wissous 2005

The 7th edition of the now well known Wissous Modélisme Indoor Meeting for Indoor R/C and FF was held on Sunday, January 2nd 2005 at the "Centre omnisport du Cucheron" in Wissous (91 - France) for less than 300 gram models. Days after New Year Eve are always difficult but many pilots (47) came and the audience was there too !

Li-Po and brushless LRK motors are now widely used and, even in 3D flights, miniaturization's time has come which should lead to patrol flights soon ...

There were many (too many ?) 3D models but also some nice scale or inventive models (not enough ?).

The JMP team is a regular attendant. Here having a chat with Christian Veyssière.

A pretty nice Demoiselle presented by Christian.

Here I guess you know who is the author ...


Right, two Quick Junior (15 grams), one is French (from Jean-Michel Quetin) and the other is Belgian despite all appearances (from Emmanuel Henris) !

On the 3D side, aircrafts are smaller and smaller (left). When will we see 15 gram 3D planes ?


Below the Ultra Stunt (Acro-Bipe) : A FF rubber plane (45 g) converted to R/C by J.M. Quetin. This R/C version weighs 58 grams. M20 motor (Prop set #11 from Wes-Technik), a Wes servo for rudder and a Falcon servo for elevator, Rx/ESC JMP Servo-Combo with 2-cell unit, Li-Po 2x145 mAh. Associated with the Quick Junior, it won the author the (micro)-technology Cup !


Left, a bi-rotor helicopter from Didier Galimand; Bladerunners have not invaded France yet ...

Right, another helicopter type in action ...

Last tests before takeoff ...



A spare wing is always very handy !


Depron everywhere, home-made or not ...





Next year, the first Sunday of the year is on January, 1st. Will there be any brave guys ?
To be followed ...

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