Wissous 2003

More and more lighter...

The traditional annual indoor meeting in Wissous took place on January, 5th, 2003.

Due to bad weather conditions, the number of pilots attending (and the audience) was less than usual but the regular ones were there (thanks a lot to all of them) : Jean-Yves Martin and Gérard Jumelin with their "Variantes" (top left), Christian Veyssière and all his family (talking with Gerard - top right), Francis Tallar (bottom right with a beautiful 42 gram Fokker D-VII), Didier Galimand, Pascal Bourguignon, Jean-Marie Piednoir, etc... And believe me, it was worthwhile.

Lightness was the keynote of this meeting. Beyond the traditional indoor planes, with a splendid Cri-Cri, we had no less than 4 micro-models using actuators : The Fokker from Francis (42 grams) and my Huntington H-12 (27 grams), both using the RFFS-100 equipment from Dynamics Unlimited, an Ultra-Light Stick plane from Christian Veyssière (using Rick Ruijsink's equipment) and "Variante", a 29 gram Horten Wing from the JMP team (of course, using JMP equipment).

100 grams for the three of them...

The Huntington H-12 from J.M. Quetin.

Variante from G. Jumelin and J.Y. Martin.

The Fokker D-VII from Françis Tallar.

Few details of "Variante":

"Variante", it was not chosen just by chance.

In fact, in addition to the 29 gram model (left) presented today at Wissous, this Horten wing from the JMP-team has been already built in three different sizes : a 1,12 meter (170 grams) model, a 1 meter model with a MK426 motor and 3x2 GWS propeller (direct drive) and another 0.9 meter (and 150 grams) model (very top left) which even flies outdoor. Without speaking of turbine tests (Refer to X-Wings 2002).

Without any doubt, it is not finished ...

The JMP module : JMP 41 MHz narrow band receiver, automatic detection for throttle channel, etc ...

The JMP module, based on JMP's receiver, controls the two actuators directly mounted on the control surfaces. That does not facilitate the balancing.

The JMP module can control actuators as well as small motors, which opens the way to many applications.

Actuators' details.

Motor and gear box.

The motor is put at front in order to balance the plane right.

See you next year !

The pilot's area.

The Michel Androuin's Cri-Cri.

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