Wissous 99

The first French Indoor meeting of the year was held in Wissous (91) on January, 3rd,1999.

Merging Free Flight and R/C Indoor enthusiasts, this meeting allowed fruitful exchanges between adepts in these two categories, so true it is that new RC Indoor fans can learn a lot from their FF seniors.

But, with no doubt, the chief attraction of the show was the presentation by three among the best French Indoor specialists (the Twisteuse team), Jean-Marie Piednoir, Gerard Jumelin and Jean-Yves Martin (from left to right on the picture) of what could be the lightest R/C Slowfly of the world (proportional FM radio), a 28 gramme R/C plane!

The king first! The Wizard of Oz, it is his name, effectively weighs 28 grammes (one ounce, where his name comes from!), with a 64 cm span and a wing load of 3,1 g/dm2 (1 oz/sq-foot).

The receiver, the speed controller and the two actuators are all home-made and weigh 5 grammes total. The motor (HS80 servo motor) weighs 2 grammes and is fed by two NiCd 50 mAh cells and a dc/dc converter (2,2V to 5,5V).

The FF models

All the FF models, peanuts, pistachios and a 1,8 gramme helicopter got tremendous applause. A lot can be learnt from FF technics and from the way they are trimmed or decorated. A lot of thanks to the author for this nice demonstration.

The other models

Among scale models, a Demoiselle and a Gee-Bee were presented. they both fly very well.

Jean-Michel Yvé and his Horten wing, Hortense.

Strange, but it flies!

The last Gerard's delirium.
"Lucy in the Sky".
And she flies!

The SOPWITH from Didier Galimand.

As it was presented at the meeting on the left.

As it was two weeks later, on its maiden flight on the right!

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