The ancestors.

The Drosophile.

The Drosophile is a biplane indoor. It is small at 1 meter span and light at 300 g. With wings and tail from polystyrene foam, it is easy to build (and to fix!), cheap and can even fly outdoor with only one wing (to increase wing loading). You can modify it very easily, a seaplane version has even been built (with a more powerful motor). Easy to control and with good performance, an (almost) beginner will make it fly.



The "Hi-tech" XXS

The "Hi-tech" XXS is Drosophile's little brother. Smaller (75 cm span) and lighter (122 g), it can fly slowly and in even smaller places. This author's Hi-tech version is made with modern materials ( carbon fiber) and uses light components to achieve robustness and light weight, avoiding however ultra-light (and hence ultra-expensive!) components. Therefore, there is way for improvement (see mini-XXS)! As the Drosophile, the basic XXS was created by BAT-MODELISME (free ad!).



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