Carvin's meeting

The first Indoor meeting of 97/98 season was held in Carvin (Pas-de-Calais - France) on the "nice" (the weather is always nice with Indoor, isn't it?) last week-end of November (Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th).
Conventional tests (slow and speed races, table and precision landings, top test, fire ring, etc...), outstanding welcome, perfect organisation, large audience, in short a great meeting. No comment on the winners list, I had to leave before the end!
And, we had the pilots too! The champions (the French F3A vice-worldchampion Christophe PLR and his brother were there...) and the beginners (myself...), those you see everywhere (BAT-MODELISME and his Drosophiles...) and those you almost never see (my wife...), those who passed all tests (and got a cup) and those who never tried (to avoid damaging their clever they are!).

There was also an artist, who thinks a plane has to be beautiful to fly right (he is Cupidon's author) and who, for the first time, presented a nice tri-plane.

There was also a genius, keen on technology (JMP speed controllers), who presented for the first time a technical marvel: his Horten's wing weighs 125 g only!

There was the one which took off and the one which did not!

There were scale and classical models,...

There was, there were...many other things.

Next time..., just come!

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