The JMP Project

J like... Jumelin
M like... Martin
P like... Piednoir.

Sunday, March 7th, 1999. Our three guys (the famous "French Twisteuse team") are driving back from Sinsheim and therefore are stuck together for 5 hours in 5 cubic meters (an Opel car...).
They have just presented there their "Magicien d'Oz" (a 28 gramme indoor RC) but have also to admit that the Dutch Rick Ruijsink is still one step ahead with his "De Lite", a 14 gramme indoor RC!
Miles after miles, the inside temperature raises, ideas spurt out. And so, tenths of gramme after tenths of gramme, they elaborate a new challenge. At their arrival in Paris, they have decided, it will be...

a less than 12 (*) gramme Indoor R/C for year 2000!
Code name: JMP

The project

Obviously, you do not get such a result just by chance! Jean-Yves, undeniably the master on this project, started by building a workshop totally dedicated to this challenge above his garage! Everything is there: a precision scale, a one gramme traction bench he made himself, magnifiers, etc...

First attempt: the "2xRien" ("Twice nothing")

Mass analysis:

Technical data:

  • Completed wing: 1.16 g
  • V-tail: 0.36 g
  • Sub-total for wing + control surf.: 1.52 g
  • Fuselage: 0.98 g
  • Gear + 2 wheels: 0.28 g
  • Sub-total for fuselage: 1.26 g
  • Motor and gearbox 1/22.8: 1.39 g
  • Prop. 160x100: 0.42 g
  • Sub-total for motorisation: 1.81 g
  • ESC special JMP: 0,2 g
  • Rx special JMP FM 41 MHz with quartz: 1.55 g
  • 2 servos (actuators): 0.96 g
  • Control links: 0.29 g
  • DC/DC converter: 0.45 g
  • 1 x 50 mAh battery: 3.73 g
  • Sub-total for radio: 7.18 g




J.Y. Martin



Wing span (mm):


Length (mm):


Wing area (dm2):


Mass (g):


Mass (oz)


Wing loading (g/dm2):


Wing loading (oz/sq.ft)



6x10 mm coreless motor




JMP 160x100 mm




JMP-France special

NiCd battery:

1x50 mAh

DC/DC converter

1.2 to 5 Volts


TOTAL: 11.77 g

  • Structure, receiver and servos: 5.58 g
  • Motorisation, speed controller and battery: 6.19 g

Then, what is "nothing" ???

First, you have to know three things:

- a) Jean-Yves Martin is inveterate man,
- b) Number twelve is not a round number, especially in the international metric system,
- c) There are in French three expressions which almost mean the same thing: " trois fois rien" ( three times nothing ), " deux fois rien" ( twice nothing ) and "moins que rien" ( less than nothing ).

Then, considering the fact that the "Magicien d'Oz" ( The Wizard of Oz ) weighs around 30 grammes, that is to say "three times nothing", we come to the conclusion that "nothing" equals 10 grammes. As the "2xRien" ( Twice nothing ) should, according to this, weigh 20 grammes but in fact only weighs 11.7 grammes and as Jean-Yves, after optimisation of some components has now reached 10.6 grammes, I bet that the "2xRien" (Twice nothing) could become the "Moins que rien" ( Less than nothing ). Are you still with me ? So, let's continue...

The bet is won: the "Moins que rien"

And it was going to happen...

After a further tenth of gramme trimming here and there, Jean-Yves MARTIN presented for the first time in public, on Sunday, February, 6th, 2000 at the Achères indoor meeting, the "Less than nothing", a 9.8 gramme Indoor R/C plane.
Jean-Yves even gave himself the pleasure of taking part of the slowest plane race with his model ; he was only beaten by the helicos (Piccolo)!

Of course, the differences between the "Twice nothing" and the "Less than nothing" are difficult to see on the pictures, except, may be, the battery color and the perforated wheels...

All details...

The event was celebrated with Champagne but Jean-Yves, incorrigible, had to remove few tenth of gramme from the cork to get the right weigh on the scale...

(*) : I now must reveal a secret. The objective of the JMP project was "less than ten grammes" right from the beginning but the French Twisteuse team is superstitious and do not like to count its chicken before they are hatched (Translation: do not like to present you a plane before it flies).

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