This is a translation of a report from Olivier Segouin's site where you can find a lot of information regarding all aspects of planes modelling (in French but with nice pictures).

Do not hesitate to visit his site!

In France, Indoor modelling is growing too. People are discovering this new activity and some clubs in Paris area organise dedicated meetings. On Sunday, 23 Feb.,1997, it was Club Modélisme de Wissous turn. This club, temporarily without airfield, started this R/C Indoor activity for the 1997 season (with some hope to get a specific ground from the local district council...).

It was more a friendly meeting than a formal contest, where Indoor's fans could share ideas and tips.

Various models were presented : from very light (120 g) to "heavy" ones (400 g!), from slow flyers to mini-racers, from semi scale models to carbon prototype.

Some models use sophisticated and specific technology. On the right, an Indoor plane which weighs only 120 g and uses very light servos (3,5 g each) from Wes-Technik. These servos are only available in kit and made of a micro-moteur driving an adjustable resistor acting as potentiometer and operating shaft.

To fly indoor, you need a battery charger (delta-peak for Ni-Cd is recommended), one (or more...) 6 or 7 cell battery in the 50 to 500 mAh range and, if necessary, a motorbike battery to supply the charger.

Photos réalisées avec un Kodak DC20
© 1996/1997 - Olivier Segouin

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