Inter-Ex 2003

Inter-Ex has been created by Jupp Wimmer, "Inter-Ex's father", to encourage aerodynamic research among modellers.

Created in 1984 , Inter-Ex is intended to promote design and experimentation of unusual flying objects while facilitating exchanges of information and ideas between the participants. Inter-Ex is held every year, alternatively in Holland (at Nederweert) and in Germany (at Ostrach).

A trophy, the "Querdenkerpokal" ("the cup for those who think sideways"), also initiated by Jupp Wimmer, is put at stake every year and rewards for building technology, flying and technical performances and, above all, originality and innovation.

The18th issue of Inter-Ex was held on September 13th and 14th, 2003 at NederWeert (Holland) under a very fine weather.

There is only one limit : models should be less than 20 kg. Please note there is no minimal weight !



JMP-Team wins 2003 Inter-Ex trophy
with "Variante 50", a 27 gramme Horten wing !


At right, JMP-France team (from right to left : Jean-Marie Piednoir, Gérard Jumelin, Jean-Michel Quetin and Jean-Yves Martin) receives 2003 Inter-Ex trophy from Jupp Winner (at mike : Paul Vissers, meeting's chief officer).

For the first time, the "Querdenkerpokal" lands on the French soil !

You will find all the models presented by the JMP-Team on the official Inter-ex site.

The smallest models of the meeting (Variante 50)
together with the largest one (Vincent Fun by Peter Haas).

The Horten family : from 27 grams to 20 kg.
This beautiful Horten IX V2 was the heaviest model of the meeting !

Looking carefully, you will see two Variantes spinning round, like mosquitoes, around Peter Haas' model.

A variante cleared to land.
A picture not easy to take !

The Variantes 50 are all equipped with the new narrow-band Rx-Combo from JMP-Solutions.
To fly at such a meeting, you had better own a narrow-band receiver !
More info ...

Some other models :







For more information, go to the official Inter-Ex site !


The Inter-Ex meeting is the meeting for "the lateral thinkers" !

Isn't it Gérard ?


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